WFS Complications (Health/Activity Subdials)

Help needed. Is there a workaround to create Subdial hands for e.g. Heart Rate, Steps and Battery?

I take note that such specific complications are not available on WFS. I have seen some top publishers have successfully build and have their work on Google Play. Maybe they used Android Studio (coding) instead of WFS.

Any information (tips) on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :pray:

I guess those “complications” are not inserted as complication component, but built from scratch instead.
The small hands are inserted as images and rotated using expressions. How they count distance is there some internal formula, but steps and battery should be done easy.

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Thanks again Peter, Ron. I will look it up and practice.

I think you meant to thank Peter, he is my hero too.

In Wear OS Samsung Health had public complications that all developers could access. However with Wear OS Powered by Samsung the Health complications are not yet public. Once those are added there will be available in WFS. As Peter said until then you can design your own using Tags.

There is a thread in the Forum that gives an algorithm on how to convert steps to Distance, Miles and KM.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you Peter, and thank you Ron :sweat_smile:

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@ALITHIR What I did is I used tag expression in the Rotate input field. -180+3.6*[BATT_PER]. Default subdial needle is at 12 o’clock while the starting subdial needle start at 6 o’clock, that’s why I placed a -180. You have to test it though since we have a different starting range. Same thing with Step progress. For BPM, same with the GWS, just tag expressions of hiding and showing subdial needles in the opacity input field. Take note that tags in WFS are capitalized compared to GWS.


Awesome! Thanks Ballozi.

In fact the very watch face that I saw the hands was your creation. Superb workmanship.

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Hi Ballozi, I just want to report that your recommendation had resolved my nightmare. All three (Batt, Pulse and Steps) are working as desired. Thank you bro.

My next challenge is how to make the hands rotate CCW

Thank you Ballozi for the tips, highly appreciated. :pray:

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Hi, to change the hands rotation direction, simply change plus sign in front of the tag to minus. like
180-3.6*[BATT_PER] (if the inserted unrotated hand image points up).
In your first example image it would be more like 164-3.28*[BATT_PER] (the numbers are rounded)


Perfect! Thank you Peter :slightly_smiling_face: