How to allow user to select watch face hands

Many downloaded watches allow the user to customize the hands by picking among several designs. In WFS I can see how a user can pick among images, or colors, or complications, but I do not see how to specify hands so that they can be customized (hour, min, sec all at once). Likely I am missing something obvious. What?

The same way you do for the users to “pick among images”;

  • You add the hand as usual;
  • Select it;
  • [1] Go on “Style” tab (where you add color palette and so on);
  • [2] Click on the “+” on the “Style” category;
  • Then you add the extra hands style you want.


Doing that this way will allow the user to select the desired style for each hand. Now lets say you want to change all hands togheter (hour and minute for example), instead of letting the user pick one style for each hand:

  • Then you click on “Customization Editor”;
  • Select the sets you want to group:
  • Click on “Merge set”:
  • Then change the set name to whatever you’d like :smiley:

Thanks. Not so obvious after all (to me, anyway), grouping after the fact. Now, if I can only remember it . . . .


That works. And now a follow-up. If all you want to do is change the color of hands (or of indexes), I assume you implement this by supplying images in each color for each element of the merged group. I assume, that is, that you can not use a mechanism like the theme color to affect just the hands, offering a choice of colors, as these are images not drawn shapes. Or is there a way to supply a single image for each, and then customize just the color (without using one of the three theme colors and including the hands in one of three overall theme colors)?

You can use Theme colors with watch hand styles

Samsung Developer Relations

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That’s interesting and surprising, and very useful. For white (0xFFFFFF) areas of the image the theme color applies nicely. I’ll have to experiment with blending in shade. Thanks for the tip (and all the others all over this forum).