Making available a choice of analog hands in Customization Editor

I know how to give the user the ability to change a single object (eg Index background) in Customization Editor, but what do I need to do to configure Customization Editor to give the user a choice of a pair (or trio) of objects, specifically analog hands?

Thx in advance, Stuart

Do you mean when u change the style or 3 hands change? Click customization editor after u have done the styles for all 3 hands. U select the 3 hands styles and the right click, then click merge.

To merge styles the must have same numbers of choices

  1. select index or background
  2. select style
  3. “+” button - add more pictures
  4. choose stlye

if that’s what you mean

That for one hand…repeat for the other elements you want to merged. Then click the customization editor label

Load the sample installed with wfs.
Camping to see how its done.

Click on what i circles

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Select as shown right click to shoe merge set

Kinda off the topic but you seem to have alot more choices than I do on WFS! I’m using 1.5.7 and it looks like this… notice that Customization Editor is greyed out and always has been. What am I missing??

Hi have you selected the layer? On Click/select the element/layer. And only works for element that are
Image format. E.g hands/index/images

The left side of the project

to add one you see select on a element you will see the label style next to it click + sign to add choice, from there next time you click on that element the customiszation editor will be ungreyed

Ahhhh! So select the image, (like Hour) then select the bucket icon, and THAT turns in on! Yeah, VERY intuitive, that is! Thanks for the help! Always learning something here!


no need to click the bucket icon if you going for style (bucket icon is for color themes)

read this

Design a watch face with Watch Face Studio | Samsung Developers

But themes do go into the customization editor too and will ungrey that button also

Now that I’ve found it I’m playing around with it to see what I can do. I’m absolutely a casual user rather than a pro so EVERYTHING is a learning process.

Thanks all for the responses. My apologies for the slow response - the pressures of the day job!

Thanls to vargacsaba06 and Knightwing I have been able to create what I wanted. Having created my first additional choice, creating others was a little more challenging, but adding the elements in the right order did the job. Thanks all!