How to check vaild transaction or not


I sent trc-20 usdt with samsung blockchain platform SDK. It works well !

And then I tested sending usdt within my balance and sending usdt over my balance.

But, the transaction results are below. I can’t know which is valid or not with the return of sending fuction.

LOG {“error”: {“code”: 0, “message”: “”}, “hash”: “a294c0a9a05bf4d8d34827a4b7f3eb6cb075a708b7be2d98ad1e6cf6f4b2ca2e”}
LOG {“error”: {“code”: 0, “message”: “”}, “hash”: “9da43755e205691a9fb21823eb5d63bdc63f96726c76a90672abd8fe4afe962c”}

After entering tronscan with hashinfo, I can know it is not valid.

How can I know the transaction that Samsungblockchain platform SDK sent is valid or not in code/app?

It would be great If I can get some insight or advise.


Hello @wns1600000304,

We are glad to hear Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is working well for you!

In the case where a user is trying to send more USDT than they have, the blockchain network accepts and records the transaction as you can see from the transaction hash. However, the transaction later fails, after it has been evaluated by the blockchain network.

Since this transaction is accepted and recorded by Tron Blockchain network, SBP also allows you to upload this transaction. Since the transaction is recorded and a Transaction Hash is returned, it is a successful transaction from SBP’s perspective. Checking whether the user is trying to send more USDT that they have is the responsibility of the app developer.

For more guidance, you can check out the SBP’s sample application: Aero Wallet and learn more about the best ways TRC20 token sending can be implemented.

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Best Regards,
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I will look at more Aero Wallet more!
I forgot the app!! Thank you!

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