Non working validation Tron message signature using signTrxPersonalMessage

We have been working lately in our login system with Samsung Keystore. We have it already working with tronweb, tronlink and other similar providers.

The issue comes when we try to validate the samsung signature (with signTrxPersonalMessage) which it’s not liking to our system. Since we saw it was not working directly we tried the next. Fixing the parameters message and address should give the same signature result.

ADDRESS = “TRn9pRxxsihgHRKWU2nzvYwxomDiXEA5pE”
MESSAGE = “0x15feb23097ca99f5a5f2a689a0309458c2bce4384d51eb19a7a367e9b8fa4c02”

TRONLINK = 0x12676393555b42514af1d2c3623e2df7c3b0f0725c4b1d3b2a6f666bfa8da4365ecd9df652e3fb7b937d381dd00901cca2ad0657dcf42a88c0662555a81a21461c
SAMSUNG (removing 0x from message) = f9f584fca6967b73bf7a116494a80e6a2307243a6639bdb698ed759da3e570f2a1bb1e1e2ec78c89313b18b862b9cdd85bdf930d52046b088e976492f2e42f211b
SAMSUNG = 6b6e0a7e954c59202c41a3660c7bf9712fb0a53aa2282236aaf6d8500f7b5db224fd830556ed775ec8cf1bdbdcb371a18c4262cdd31b66fc665134bdc7cb3fb51b
SAMSUNG (bytes unsigned) = [107,110,10,126,149,76,89,32,44,65,163,102,12,123,249,113,47,176,165,58,162,40,34,54,170,246,216,80,15,123,93,178,36,253,131,5,86,237,119,94,200,207,27,219,220,179,113,161,140,66,98,205,211,27,102,252,102,81,52,189,199,203,63,181,27]

We don’t know what we are doing wrong, we just take the bytes result, convert them to unsigned and compare it with TRONLINK ( equivalent to tronWeb.trx.sign(“0x15feb23097ca99f5a5f2a689a0309458c2bce4384d51eb19a7a367e9b8fa4c02”)) result of signing the message and they are not the same.

If you need the nemonic to test it directly I can provide it since it’s a test one
Thank you in advance.

Here is a similar issue in Tronlink. This may help you.

Samsung team has told me there is an issue with it and it will be resolved this week in the update of the blockchain keystore app v.