How to connect the emulator to Windows local host?

Hi I want to develop the application for Samsung Smart TV legacy, the model is HG49AE690DK.

I can run the sample app, by change the URL on physical TV hidden menu (by press the combination : mute, 1, 1, 9, enter). But how to do the same in the emulator?since I do not find any menu for configure the server URL like on the physical one.

Is there any tutorial for developing app for Samsung Smart TV Legacy Platform?

Please help me and thank you.

I have solved this issue, looks like I’m still need to learn more about developing on Samsung Smart TV Legacy App.

So for anyone how curious for the solution of this question, for developing your app and run them on Emulator, you must run your code from Samsung SDK through Eclipse app and then you can run your code to the Samsung Emulator directly from there.

Hope this will be helpful.