How to create a text-based clock?

Hi everyone ! I want to create a watch face, but instead of digital or analog clock I wish to create a text based clock. Is it possible in WFS ?

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Hello, dear friend. In the default tags in WFS, I did not see a tag to make letters. Maybe more experienced friends can help you.


You use Bit map fonts to do what you want to do.

There is a blog on How to customize and enhance elements on a watch face that has some information

Use the other tab for bitmap fonts so 48 is one number not forty and eight as separate numbers so the spacing looks better.

It is a bit of work but they can look good.

There are other ways to do this as well, but bitmap images works best.

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If you intend on publishing the face on Google Play, I think Bitmap fonts are the way to go now as using .png’s will probably not get you passed as there’s a good chance of being over memory budget.

Yes, its seems that I can do what I want with bitmap. But I noticed that when I set image for 00-23 (hours), and than create separate text layer for minutes and it shares the same image for it.
e.g. “22:13” uses for 13 image that I use for 13 as hour (I’m not using English for that, so I have different words for that, not " eleven eleven". Is there a way to use 2 separate bitmap “channel” ?

p.s. hope I explained clearly=)

Yes there is you add a Bitmap Font


then you select which one to use in the Bitmap Font one for hours and one for minutes


The settings will be for the one you have selected.

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Thanks, work its done !