How to create and use a window projected into memory

I’m looking for an example how to use ELM_WIN_INLINED_IMAGE or ELM_WIN_SOCKET_IMAGE ( to render something on an image surface and than use the raw surface image? With ELM_WIN_INLINED_IMAGE I don’t understand how to create a parent for the elm_win_add. It says the parent is required for this type. I suppose there should be a way to create an evas image, use it as a parent and then get the raw data from that image. WIth ELM_WIN_SOCKET_IMAGE I don’t understand how to get to the raw image data, where is it?
Actually, I need all that in a Tizen.NET app but there is complete lack of samples in this regards there as well so I hope to get and answer at least for Native API and then maybe to use interop.

Hello kuc1597989013,
To know about how to get raw image data you can look into the evas_object_image_data_get API in this link.
This API will return a pointer to an image object’s internal pixel buffer, for reading only or read/write. If you request it for writing, you can update it as well.
If you want an example to the whole procedure of getting pointer and modifying that then this would be a useful one for you.