How to disable anti-aliasing

I’m trying to get an image drawn without interlacing. This is the image that I’m using (it’s black/transparent, displaying highly zoomed in here):

When it is drawn on top of a blue background I get the following result (this is a screenshot taken on the watch, displaying highly zoomed in here):

Despite setting evas_object_anti_alias_set(ad->myimage, false); it seems to be rendered with anti-aliasing anyway. Is there a way around that?

Sorry, I did not understand your problem very clearly. What is the expected scenario?
Would you please explain a little more?

I wanted the image to be rendered exactly as it is and without any anti-aliasing. However, in the meantime I have figured it out: when I use a 2x2 pixel checkerboard instead of the 1x1 pixel as above, it is working fine.

I guess that’s because we are on a double density display, meaning that a 2x2 pixel source image is actually needed to show a 1x1 double density pixel on the screen.

Great! Thanks for the information. It will be helpful for the other developers.
Also you can try below API for rendering size.


Here is the link for details- (Tizen Native API: Elementary Engine)();