Galaxy UI Design

Two questions about Galaxy Watch UI design:

  • When I create a simple two button ELM popup to ask for confirmation (x button on the left, checkmark button on the right), do I have to include my own images for the buttons or can I access the default Galaxy Watch style images as seen in the system popups?
  • When I create a Circle Genlist as in this tutorial it doesn’t have the same look as the Galaxy Watch settings app. How do I get the look of the Galaxy Watch settings app? Is it using a Circle Genlist or something else?

->For pop up content check the link -

->For circular genlist, may this link will help you -

also you can use edc with genlist for customization.

You can also learn how to customize UI components by installing sample project attached to Tizen SDK. Just choose New Project/Native App/Samples. Check UI category and pick up a sample project you are interested in. The samples project help a lot when you start from scratch.

Thanks. However, those links are not addressing what I was specifically asking.