How to create the Android part of the Watch to Android communication in .NET?

I found this example of creating the Android part of the Watch to Android communication. I cannot find a .NET example. I sort of assume that as long as we can write the Watch part in .NET using Tizen.NET we should be able to write the Android part in .NET using Xamarin Android. Where can I find an example of how to do that?

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The question is sitting there for 5 days without updates. Is there anybody monitoring the forum?

Hi @kuc1597989013 if nobody answers you, I think it is because nobody knows about the subject, anyway I think you published in the wrong section, I will leave you a link where you can search for information and I will leave you another link from the forum where they talk about this specific subject.


The question is a cross-domain one and it can belong to different sections. The question is addressed to the Samsung team working on Watch - Phone communication in the first place. I’d like to know if a Xamarin Android example was ever created and I simply cannot find it. If such example was never provided I wonder if anybody successfully connected a watch to a phone where the phone code was written is Xamarin Android and how it’s done.