Migrate Xamarin.NET Apps for TIzen to OS 3

I Have Applications for Samsung smartwatches that run on Tizen.
The applications are written in C#.NET on the Xamarin Platform.

Can I have some guidelines on how to migrate them to Wear OS 3 in order to run on the new Galaxy 4 watches?

Guess in the dark:
Do I need to write them again using Android Studio and Java?
When Trying to create a Wearable project using android studio I see that the maximum SDK is API 28: Android 9.0, is it compatible with Wear OS 3?

Please provide guidelines for development options for programmers who want to start developing for Galaxy watch 4 that runs OS 3.

Thanks in advance,

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The information on this is in the Android Developers training site
Note : The API level 30 Wear OS emulator system image is currently in Developer Preview. See release notes for the latest updates.

That should get you started but I’m not sure this answers your question. For the time being I don’t think we have anyone in support proficient in developing Apps for Wear OS. There might be more support on one of the xamarin communities.

Samsung Developers Relations