How to develop application for samsung gear fit 2?

Please provide tutorial if available…

We need to know what application you are designing a Watch Face App or a Web API or Tizen Native app?

If you just want to do a watch face you need to use an older version of Galaxy Watch Designer as the newer versions of GWD do not support this.

I’ll move this to the Galaxy Watch Studio forum for now if you are developing an App with Tizen Studio let me know and I’ll move this to the proper Galaxy Watch Developer fourm

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Thanks Ron…

We want to have native gear fit app. We already have application for Gear s3 Watch. We are planing to have application for find proximity between 2 gear fit devices with the help of Bluetooth GATT server. Please help me in that.
Can we develop gear fit native app? If yes how?
I am not able to see any emulator for gear fit device in tizen studio.

Is this just for your own use or is this something you want to distribute. I don’t believe you can upload Gear Fit 2 apps to the seller store for distribution. (The memory on Gear Fit2 is so limited they don’t distribute 3rd party apps.)

I think you can still develop a Gear Fit 2 native Widget in Tizen Studio but I don’t see much more than that. If I find out anything else I’ll let you know.

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