[SOLVED] Samsung Gear Fit 2 PRO creating watch face guidance help


Got given an old gear fit 2 pro, but can’t seem to find any new info on how to connect and create new watch faces for this device. It seems like its been completely abandoned by samsung.

Im using the latest galaxy watch studio but there are no templates for the gear fit 2 whereas there used to be in the past in this software.

Can anyone point me in the right direction and not linking me old documentation which doesn’t work anymore.

yes, you are right, support for this kind of devices was discontinued in new versions, since renaming gear watch designer to galaxy watch studio. Recently they also hid the original documentation from the main developer pages. But google can still find it.
You can try some of the older versions. 1.6.2 should be last one having the template, but I cant confirm it working, I never had such band.

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Thanks for the info. You wouldn’t happen to know how to add custom fonts to GWD? I saw something online about adding every single letter manually( Which i hope is not the case)

You can make so called bitmap font adding images letter by letter, or simply add .ttf font file into the fonts folder in the GWD installation location (better when GWD is not running). Some versions did not recognize properly the .ttf extension, worked only with .TTF

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I can confirm that 1.6.2 does have the capability to create Fit2 faces.

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Thanks for all the help :smiley:

Galaxy Watch Studio can be used to create watch faces for your own personal enjoyment. However, if you want to sell or distribute your designs in Galaxy Store, you must receive approval from the Galaxy Watch Review Team


Its for personal use. I had to re-create something that was once used on the store.