How to exclude a resource file from packaging?

I’m using VS 2019 with Tizen.NET (Wearable). I created a project from Tizen.NET templates. The project structure has “res” folder apparently for the resource files. I added a few images there and the images were packaged into TPK. So far so good. The problem is that I cannot exclude certain files from packaging. I used to if a file “Build Action” is “Content” it is packaged and if it is “None” it is not packaged. At least this is how it works in Xamarin Android, UWP and a bunch of other project types. In the Tizen.NET project even if I set the “Build Action” to “None” the file is still packaged into TPK. Is there a workaround for this issue besides removing the file entirely?
A few words why I need this. I want to have certain resource files to be added when I build Debug configuration and I don’t need them when I build Release configuration.


You can use the TizenTpkUserExcludeFiles property in your .csproj file.

Example from the documentation:

  <TizenTpkUserExcludeFiles Include="res\Bitmap3.bmp" />

Hope it helps.