Tizen error with resources localization "Frame is not a module"


I create a Xamarin with Tizen.net application (vs2019 et tizen .Net 6.0) . It’s work well with the Tizen Studio Emulator.

But when i deploy to my device (galaxy watch), it don’t run and i have the message “Frame is not a module” in the debugger.
If i replace the localized resources by a string, it’s work …

I have test resources in xaml and code behind same issue. My resources is an Embedded Resources.

Thanks for your answer ,

Johan FR

Hello Johan,

“Frame not in module” is a generic Xamarin issue and can arise from multiple factors.
You can follow the checklist below to try to resolve your issue:

  1. Update all the Nuget Packages in your project
  2. Go to Tools>Options>Debugging> Tick “Enable Just My Code”
  3. Go to Debug>Windows>Exception Settings>Tick “Common Language Runtime Exceptions”

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Thanks, but no result, same situation.

Sorry to hear that. You can try reaching out to Samsung Developer Support. They might be able to help you out.

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I found why, my apps work with emulator and not with Watch.

My emulator is in API 6.0, my watch in 4.0.
Now emulator and watch is in 4.0 and don’t work both “Segmentation Fault” on startup i looking for why…

Build for the lowest Tizen version you can unless you need it. Only two watches run Tizen 5.5 none run Tizen 6 but all are backwards compatible to older versions of Tizen OS.

So if you build for Tizen 4 it will run on 90% of Samsung Smart Watches. (all but Gear S2 Gear S2 Pro).


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