React development

Hi all,

I’m currently finalizing a new watch face, and for this I’m trying something new. Using the React JS library for UI programming. This works great so far and has greatly improved my workflow for a more unique and interactive design while still having a nice structure to the code. (It’s a web based watch face).

I’m just about to look in to setting up a workflow/pipeline for the build process and would like to ask if someone here has any experience in setting it up?

I want to stay in VS Code as much as possible as it’s (in my opinion) a much nicer environment to develop in.

So, some caveats I’m a little worried about since Tizen studio has their own build setup (when it comes to folder structures etc). So with the VS Code Tizen web extension I know I now can exclude files from the build which is great. But React in default creates a “./build” folder that the html, JS and styling is stored in. can I specify in VS Code Tizen extension where to draw the files for the final build from?

I could do a React eject and tweak the webpack config files for the React build output. But I would prefer not to do that to keep the process as simple as possible.

Anyone have any experience or advice on this?

As far I know, Tizen does not support React in its app. Though there is no official announcement or docs.

Well… Tizen does support web stack (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), and ReactJS (which is a JavaScript library for creating UI) just compiles to regular JavaScript. So yes, it is supported.

React Native is another story. But I’m more talking about React JS specifically.

When building from the Tizen Web Extension, the .build directory is automatically excluded from the CLI unfortunately. You can view the exclusion list.

If you need a .build directory when packaging, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a subdirectory at the root level of the project.
    e.g. If the project name is “test”, create any directory. I created the “result” directory.
    –> test/result/
  2. Set the React path to generate output from the .build directory within the result directory.
    –> test/result/.build/
  3. Run the Tizen web build to check the packaged wgt. The “result” directory will be packaged together.

Thank you