React development

Hi all,

I’m currently finalizing a new watch face, and for this I’m trying something new. Using the React JS library for UI programming. This works great so far and has greatly improved my workflow for a more unique and interactive design while still having a nice structure to the code. (It’s a web based watch face).

I’m just about to look in to setting up a workflow/pipeline for the build process and would like to ask if someone here has any experience in setting it up?

I want to stay in VS Code as much as possible as it’s (in my opinion) a much nicer environment to develop in.

So, some caveats I’m a little worried about since Tizen studio has their own build setup (when it comes to folder structures etc). So with the VS Code Tizen web extension I know I now can exclude files from the build which is great. But React in default creates a “./build” folder that the html, JS and styling is stored in. can I specify in VS Code Tizen extension where to draw the files for the final build from?

I could do a React eject and tweak the webpack config files for the React build output. But I would prefer not to do that to keep the process as simple as possible.

Anyone have any experience or advice on this?