How to get GPS position every 1 minute?

Hello, can someone help me with my problem? I have app that show GPS position. I have timer so my data is updated every X seconds. This is OK. But problem is, that GPS is working non-stop. Therefore battery consumption is very big.

This is my code. I can not figure it out, how to correctly STOP GPS after getting latitude / longtitude and START it after X second again.

If I set locator.Interval - it does not work
If I set:
locator = null;
my GPS position is located only once. After 60 second (or later) is not updated… Same position.

my code:

   public void GetGPSPosition()
        Device.StartTimer(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), () =>
            if (_gps_seconds == 0)
                _gps_seconds = 60; 
            return _isTimerStart;

    public void GetActualGPS()
            Tizen.Location.Locator locator;
            locator = new Locator(LocationType.Hybrid); // .Gps
            // locator.Interval = 60;
            Tizen.Location.Location location = locator.GetLocation();

            if (location != null)
                gps_location_latitude = location.Latitude.ToString().Replace(",", ".");
                gps_location_longtitude = location.Longitude.ToString().Replace(",", ".");

                latitude.Text = String.Format("{0:F5}", gps_location_latitude);
                longitude.Text = String.Format("{0:F5}", gps_location_longtitude);    
                DisplayAlert("0", "location is null", "OK");

            //locator = null;
        catch (Exception ex)
            DisplayAlert("Unable to get location", ex.Message, "OK");


As far as I know, turning on/off GPS is a manual process. Users have to turn it on/off from the setting. You can start/stop/register/unregister/destroy the process only from code.
Here you will get all the information regarding location service and battery optimization.

Exactly. In the settings GPS is allowed. This is OK. In code I can START and STOP gps process. But when I trying to do this, it is not working. I read all possible tutorials and manuals and still I can´t figure it out, when my code is not working properly - see my samples. Start - get location - close => this working, but GPS is still working in the background and battery discharges quickly .

Actually, as far as I understand about interval, it means it will invoke or collect data after a defined interval. It does not stop the GPS.
To start and stop the service-
I will suggest you to try with alarm api-


Hello and thank you for your reply. This alarm api is interesting, but as far as I understand it, it is only for NATIVE? I am using .NET aplication (tizen + xamarin).

alarm API is also available for .net application.