How to get notifcation sound and ringtone sound on PC?

So I am loving DEX, can play fullscreen on games etc

I have the audio output set to PC and the sound of games is on my PC through my headphones but all my notifications/texts/ringtones from calls are on the phone? Am I not able to have all the sound come through on Dex and use my PC input and output for calls? I always miss calls and texts/notifications because I am on my PC and was hoping DEX could resolve this.

Also while I am here I may as well ask if there is a way to have screen timeout disabled so I donā€™t have to put a pass in every time.


Welcome to the Samsung Developer Community. In this community, developers who make their app compatible with DeX can discuss with each other. It is hard to get solution of your issue from here.

You can try to post your issue in Samsung Community or reach out to support team through Samsung DeX > Support > Contact us. Hopefully you will get better and faster response from here.

Thank you.

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