Start of sound is not played when Galaxy S connect external monitor

The start of the sound is not played for about 1 second when the galaxy S (21) is connected to an external monitor with a USB-C cable or when using an HDMI cable (using a USB-C HUB → HDMI) .
This is annoying for an application that reads a text to a user, but also to hear responses from Google Assistant. For example, when you ask Google Assistant for the time (or other information), you don’t hear the beginning of the response.
I noticed the problem with many USB-C → HDMI HUBs, regardless of the monitor, but also with a USB-C cable connected directly to a USB-C monitor.

Do you get this with Samsung DeX?

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This works on DEX, but Dex does not use the same protocol to transmit image and sound via USB to a PC, compared to transmitting to HDMI or directly via USB-C to a monitor.
In addition, I use a smartphone which must be in KIOSK mode (connected to an external screen and not a WINDOWS PC). And KIOSK mode with a full screen app from startup does not work with DEX


I think the only thing is use the Members App and report it to Samsung. The engineers do not view the Developer or Samsung Community to avoid any dispute or misunderstanding between something suggested here and internally created ideas.

Samsung Developer Relations


I have send a message to samsung developer support, and the answer is :


Thank you for reaching out. The Samsung Developer Program Technical Support team provides guidance to developers and designers who are integrating Samsung SDKs and/or using Samsung Tools that are available Unfortunately, your request is out of our scope.

For device specific issues/suggestions/questions please contact Samsung Customer Support. You can find the support channels available in your country at

Alternatively, you can report this via Samsung members app:

If you are facing a device issue, please make sure to attach the error log while reporting your issue.

Best regards,
Samsung Developer Program Team

Last year, I used the same service for a problem for decoding touch screen, the contact of this service has transmitted my message to the engineer, and the problem has been solved.
Unfortunatly, this year, the contact doesn’t want to send it.

I also have send the problem to samsung member app, but no answer, nor contact

Could you send my request directly to the engineer ?

Sorry I can’t help. I think you have done ;more than I can do.

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