How to make battery gauge with a hand in watch face studio

How to make battery gauge with a hand in watch face studio ?

Look here, maybe it helps


Create the background (marks) in a phone editor.
Create the hand in photo editor as well.
Rotate the hand according to the battery level tag (will need a bit of math to set “boundaries” for the hand not to rotate outside the marks limit)

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For Fun I did this
add image and use the Watch Hour Tidy from Add image browse back to Sample - Watch Hands folder
Set to Rotate Start at 40 and tag is [BATT_PER] *2.8
Then Add Indexes
Stick Folder
Stick Long Large 11, sticks start at 40 end at 350
Stick Long Med 22, start at 40 end at 350
Stick Long Short 110, Start at 40 end at 350
Stick Short Medium color red start at 40 end at 68
Finally a Mask to hide the extra indexes (I left it colored so you could see it but make it background color)
The red indexes have to be on top of the Stick Long short.
You can add curved Text for the Numbers but I had to do them as individual numbers

Got that all done group everything and set the rotate angle at 180 then resize it to fit your desire.

Lock the group



many many thanks for this. :slight_smile:

By the way, you can create or modify the image in the index Stick Folder
And Make it wider so it shows better when made smaller
I think the short medium and short long look better than the long medium one and long short I used.


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yes , i also think the same , thank you again for your solid support.