Is there any way to edit in more sophisticated way a watch face designed in Watch Face Studio?

Hi All,

I previously built a watch face in Android Studio using Java.

I see the Watch Face Studio as a good starting point for watch faces development.
But it doesn’t have all tools to build something more demanding.
For example, I cannot see in there an option to add an analogue battery gauge.

My idea is to build basics in the Watch Face Studio and then using this base add/edit options in Android Studio.

Does anyone know if it will be possible to export a watch face created in the Watch Face Studio to the Android Project and then edit it with the use of Java or Kotlin languages?


It is built into Watch Face Studio
Click Add Component Ranged Text
in the right hand column for that Complication Settings → Default Provider
Watch Battery

In Beta 1.0 you see it in the Run Window, the video Tutorial shows it working correctly in the build window too so I assume it is coming there in a new version

The Video goes pretty fast but it shows a lot of useful information if you step through it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

By gauge, I meant a real analogue gauge with the ability to add dial into it. Something like images
Will the Studio let me set something like this?


the studio lets you do that. The documentation is not that detailed about how to do it.
You have to insert the hand as image and then click the rotation field to set the initial value, then open the window with tags to write your expression. I just noticed for some reason the rotation pivot point coordinates are not described and keep showing some decimal values I did not set.

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Hi Peter,

This is great news.
It seems that Watch Face Studio has some hidden potential.
This is a very useful tutorial.
Thank you very much.