How to re-update watch face in playstore

Hi, all,

During uploading my watch face,
I should re-update due to exceed of storage. (~10MB).

Could you tell me step by step
how to re-update watch face again?
can’t find out where to delete or re-upload button.

Thank you in advance!

You cant delete a watch face app (Release) from your Console. If no users have downloaded it, you may raise a ticket to Google Support Team to delete your release entirely.

  1. To update, you must firts rebuild your app with a higher version number. Upon which

  2. Go back to your Console. From the particular watch face app Dashboard, scroll down to Production page.

  3. On the top right section, select Wear OS Only

  4. Next, select the blue icon “Create new release

  5. Upload the new version app.

  6. For release notes, you may copy it from Library or type new notes

  7. Repeat the same for “Closed testing”, “Open testing” and “Internal testing” Only this time, you don’t have to upload again, just copy over from the Library. Ensure you pick the new version.

  8. After which, return to the page “Publishing overview” and submit your changes.

NOTE: If your submission was rejected due to “Memory Budget” it will most likely be rejected again. It is believed that Google Play’s API 30+ emulator needs to be rectified. Pending this, some developers are using the previous version of the Watch Face Sudio V1.13.13

Hope this info helps.