How can I remove rejected items in playstore?

Hi, actually, there’re many of my watch faces in google play console for now.
but problem is that majority of them were rejected for some reasons…
so, I just wanna ask you to remove previous items on the list below.
eventhough I tried to upload with other name,
systems says, the same package name is already been used before.
so I think I should find out to remove these, and start over it.

Thank you in advance.

I think there is no way to remove them… the same goes for apps…

개발자 스스로 제거하는 방법은 올리기 전에 취소하는 방법뿐이고 올린 다음에는 없습니다.
이미 제출된 앱의 제거는 구글 센터에 이메일로 제거를 원하는 앱의 아이디와 이름을 알려주면 가능합니다.
몇일 걸릴겁니다.

After you press roll out to production can’t be deleted, only drafts can be deleted, removed. If you however maybe change package name and app version code, and another app signature you can put on play console again as a new app, I heard to make an app from free to paid, have to submit new app, otherwise not possible, if you want the same kind, may have to be different though. So perhaps try that and or above have to put app on same again.