Watch face update process - superseding binaries

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I’m just updating a watch face to release a new version on the store. The new version will completely supersede the previous one and covers the same range of devices.

When I press the “update” button to update the app in the store, a new app record is cloned in the store from the original which I can then populate with my edits, which is great.

However, I’m not sure whether I should delete the original binary from this new record or simply add the new version’s binary?

If I press the ‘delete’ button next to the original binary (on the binary tab of the watch face form) I get a fairly cryptic message about the dangers of doing this (which I forgot to screen-shot) so in the end I just left it alone, uploaded the new binary alongside it, and submitted the form for review.

It is currently going through the review process, but I would like to understand whether I should have deleted the original binary, as there will be a ‘next time’, just to avoid confusion.

I hope this is clear.

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Not sure if I’m helping to answer your question, but here goes :slight_smile:

When you update your watch face, and add a new binary, you don’t have to delete prior binaries, but your new version numbers must be higher than previous. I believe you can only have 10 binaries though, so if you reach 10, you can delete the old ones. They won’t actually be gone from the store, you have to terminate the app to remove them from the store.

As redacted said you don’t need to do it. To be more correct you should not do it, If you delete it then it won’t be available in the store.

If you just run the update then the store will replace your current version with the updated version in the store when the update is approved.

to update

  • package ID is not same thing as file name. Package ID must remain same across all updates. You can see the package ID in the Build window in GWD. Leave that alone!
  • version number is just below that - CHANGE it for each new version, and make sure the newer one has a higher number.
  • once you build your project you will have a XXXXXX.tpk file - rename it directly through your file explorer, because file name MUST be different for each uploaded binary.

When buyers open the wearable app they will see notification of an update and be able to update their current watch app.

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Thanks Guys, it seems that I have done the right thing then. Phew!

Your advice much appreciated.


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