How to set aspect ratio at android studio?

Hello, I’m Android developer.
When the device is unfolded at z fold 3,
i want to set default aspect ratio is ‘16:9’ about My App
so i added ‘resizeableActivity=false’ and ‘maxAspectRatio=1.78’ in to AndroidManifest.xml
i installed on Galaxy Z Fold 3, Android 13 by Samsung Remote Test Lap
but it can’t set
I checked the ‘Full screen apps’ in Device Settings - Display
it was set the full screen
Thanks for your help


Taking a shot in the dark can you set it using screen scale setting?

I think you will need to open a developer support request about this.

Samsung Developer Relations

No It’s not about Camera
I talked about App Screen Ratio
you can checked in ‘Settings - Display - full screen apps’ in z fold 3 or 4

Sorry about the confusion on my part. Did you open a support request on this? If not please do so.


Samsung Developer Relations