Galaxy Fold 5G Screen Size and Position Issues

I’m running a Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G device and I’m experiencing a problem in my Android application when I query the available display width and height after opening the device and using the full screen real estate.

My application is attempting to handle the device as a tablet when the screen is opened. However, unlike other tablets, after forcing landscape screen orientation, the available width is reported as the portrait width and the available height is reported as the portrait height.
Whereas other tablet devices will report the width as the portrait height and the height as the portrait width when in landscape orientation.

I am forcing landscape screen orientation with a call to:


I am querying the available width and height with calls to:


I have a workaround that involves checking if landscape screen orientation has been forced and if so check if the width is less then the height. If it is then simply swap the width with the height in my application.

Is this a known issue or should I be using an alternative method for querying the available width and height on these folding devices?

Have you enabled resizeableActivity="true" ?

Please follow the official guide,

Hello @Iqbal - thank you - that looks very relevant and something we are missing. I shall take a look and post progress.

Agreed, that code is currently using legacy API and this appears to provide a fix from quick check.

Many thanks - closing this…

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