[HR] Heart rate in real time


I was able to build my face with a text [HR] and button underneath that measures heart rate.

I also set the project/settings/health/ heartrate meas. interval to every 10 mins.

I noticed if I press the measure button I made under the text it doesn’t seem to update automatically every 10 mins, It just goes to manual update mode I believe since the number showing remains past 10 mins?

how do I get it to show in real time like the native watch faces can do?

I tried [HR_IS_MEASURING] which I saw in another thread but it just returns the value 0 or 1.

“0” means now heart rate is not measuring and “1” means heart rate is measuring. [HR_IS_MEASURING] give the output whether the heart rate is measuring at this time or not.

I think there is no way how to make the heart rate info continuously updated on the watchface. It will always show the last measurement.
[HR_IS_MEASURING] can be used to change the display, for example to let the value or icon blink after the measurement was started until it it is finished.

Thanks guys. Hopefully the dev team can update the program with smaller intervals.

From your other question.

if your heart beat is 60 times a minute (normal] and you measured it every second wouldn’t that be a heart rate of sixty or zero not very accurate. Also if you measured it more than every ten minutes or so it would drain the battery dramatically. The health apps only measure when they are active.

The built in Watch Faces seem to do it the same way as Watch Face Studio I checked:

The digital Dashboard which is uses a heart rate app, it only reports the last read heart rate when you tap on it it shows you the last read time and asks if you wish to measure it.

DBasic 5b also shows the last read heart rate but when you tap on it it changes color and lets you see that it is being updated.

The fitness apps that show a heart rate in real time are actually showing it from the previous 30 seconds or something like that.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron that is very interesting and you actually make a good point it wouldn’t really be practical to measure every second… I suppose the way it works now is good enough for the general needs.