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I am quite new to using the Watch Face Studio and the one thing that I can’t make it work is dynamically updating Heart Rate on watchface.
My watch(Galaxy Watch 4) is set to measure the heart rate continuously. If I swipe to the Heart Rate tile, I can see the heartrate being updated in real time every couple of seconds. Several inbuilt Watch Face in Galaxy Watch 4( like Analogue Utility, Fresh, Analogue Dashboard etc) show the heart rate in a similar way. It updates every couple of seconds.
However, when building a watch face from Watch Face Studio, using Text Tag [HR], it does not update unless I put a button with an action to update it manually (or update it periodically from WFS setting, least of the interval being 10 minutes.)
My question is, how is it that the inbuilt Watch Faces are able to update it in almost real time(every couple of seconds) but WFS faces aren’t? Or is it possible to achieve the same functionality from Watch Face Studio ? Are inbuilt faces developed by some other process?


First off a pet peeve of mine. There is no instantaneous heart rate. Heart Rate is reporting a previous time frame measured. Think about how many beats 60 bpm would report every 2 seconds and what 70 or 80 bpm would report in 2 seconds. Having cleared my personal issue. :slight_smile:

The preinstalled watch faces run on a lower level of the Operating system and can directly access the Health data without hurting battery use. Watch Face Studio has to use create a measurement every time it measures and that uses battery power.

I know the WFS team is looking for ways to improve the reading of the heart rate without being a battery drain.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you. I hope this feature is added soon.

Hi vrbt,
Did you try using the [HR_MEASURING] tag?

That is a binary result telling if the HR is currently being measured See FAQ 9 it is for a better end user experience. That is they know it isn’t instantaneous.