Heart rate [HR]


I try to use [HR] function and no matter what I tried it’s not working… I can’t see my heart rate continously
but in google play there is a lot of watch faces that show continously the heart rate.

What i miss?
I wish you can help me please

Thank in advance :smile:

Hi Erez,

Please check out this thread.

[HR] will only update heart rate value when ‘measure heartrate’ action is triggered. You can also set the frequency in WFS > Project > Setting > Health > Heart rate measurement interval.

Thank you.

but how there is watch face that can do it?
what is the difference between watch face in google play store?
and if there any code or tag that can show the hear rate continously ?

i just want to know how my watch face can show 'online" my heart rate as I could do in galaxy watch studio

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Hi Ezra,

You have been posting this in many topics. Can you please let me know what app is giving you continuous heart rate reading. If you can let me know that I can try to determine how it is done.

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the default watch face show continuous heart rate reading

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If I ever get mine I would have known I’m very surprised, maybe it has access to Samsung Health.

More from the experts:
Even in the preloaded watch face, it is updated by triggering it manually or because of an Activity.

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@Erez is right

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Well, the experts are wrong, because i can SEE the HR changing realtime on preloaded watchfaces. And it worked fine on tizen.

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for sure 100% preloaded watch face that come with the watch can display continuously heart rate,
i got answers from Samsung that they say " Currently, Galaxy Watch 4 does not provide personal health data because of the legal and security issues"

unfortunately some thing so basic and elementary for smart watch like dispaly continuously heart rate is impossible.

if i had know that it’s impossible to show continuously heart rate defiantly i wouldn’t buy the new watch and stay with the GW3
and the important thing that is not publish anywhere what impossible

i am very disappointed

It is fixed in the latest WFS update download it.

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You see it in real time because you have continuous as your heart rate setting. (the trigger) I guess I missed this thread to clarify it. Your turning it off default to continuous was the trigger.

However, There was a bug in WFS and the TPK converter that is fixed in the current release when set to continuous.

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Yes, and i’d like it (like many others) to update continuously on a watchface i created just like on the preloaded ones by using the [HR] tag, which still does not work after the update.

I’ve updated wfs, rebuilt my watchface, transferred it to my watch and nada. It measures the HR exactly once, when you allow it to access the sensors first time.

I made a new watchface, really simple, two text fields with tags:

The bigger text uses the [HR] tag and the smaller one [HR_IS_MEASURING]

I’ve been wearing the watch with it for over an hour, the value did not change after i allowed it to read sensor data (in the project it’s set to 10 min if that matters at all) and i’ve seen the measuring state change to 1 only once at that time.

I don’t know if something is getting lost in translation or if we’re not explaining it properly.

I tried the new update but [HR] tag still not showing continuously heart rate, maybe there is another tag?:thinking:

Glasofruix, Erez,

You all are explaining it great. I may just buy myself a watch and not wait for Samsung system. That would greatly help me. This is very wide spread problem and at least one seller has said it fixed the issue.

Did you restart your watch before you side-loaded the rebuilt app to your watch?

I don’t have the watch yet but others reported that the update fixed the issue. This Monday Korea will start Chuseok I may not be able to get any help from the development team until next Thursday.

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Yes, I fully delete the old version of WFS and install the new 1.0.3 and rebuild the watch face
Unfortunately not working

I’ll see what I can find out. Monday starts a 3 day holiday in Korea so it will probably be after that before I get any answers.

You didn’t answer did you restart the watch after removing the old watch face and installing the new one?

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Yes, of course unfortunately still not working

Hi there,
I’m not using Watch Face Studio and I’m not converting a TPK to AAB, I’m native developer and using Android Studio to develop my watchfaces for Wear OS (not only Galaxy Watch4).
The HR issue happens for all watchfaces which using the standard complications and it happens only when you using the Samsung Health Heart Rate complication. It will not happen on other Wear OS watches like Ticwatch or Huawei Watch2 and on Wear 3. The HR is working when I use the HR complication from my own app ‘Sporty Go’ - so the issue is not Wear 3, Watch4 or Android. It’s a bug in the Samsung Health and it only happens with the HR - the Steps are working.
So if someone can address that issue in Korea, please do it.


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The user do not understand, that the HR data come from Samsung Health and not from my watchface and so they downgrade my watchface with a rating like this:
> “Love the watch face I even purchased the premium version. There’s just one issue, I can’t get the Samsung heart rate to work on my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Will this get resolved in a future update?”

And this is very annoying, because the Samung Health complications are shared system wide in Wear OS - you cannot opt that out or fix this otherwise.

I do not believe that Samsung Health complications have been updated for WearOS Powered by Samsung. I’m seeing this issue reported by other Android developers.

I believe this is a different issue than the one with Watch Face Studio.

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