[HR] tag measures constantly in Wear OS 4 [BUG]

How difficult is it for Samsung to add a Heart Rate complication for their users, displaying BPM?

I know, I know… it already exists. But when you put it on the watch face, it only shows “Heart Rate” or the red heart icon.

Watch faces are one of the most important features for a user.

Why not add an option for users to choose their own complication? Just like they can choose weather, steps, and so on.

A Heart Rate complication (user-selectable) that displays BPM would completely change the whole thing.

Whatever Samsung does, it seems like they do it in their favor… for example:

  1. If you add a preset BPM, there are the following issues (it measures constantly, or displays 0)… Even though in the application to which the user is redirected, there are options to set it, refresh manually, refresh every 10 minutes, continuous measurement… Guess what? They don’t sync with the watch face.

User Opinion: Clearly, it’s the developer’s fault.

  1. If you add Short Text / Long Text / Icon widgets especially for users to choose what they want… When the user selects “Heart Rate” from their suite of complications, it displays “Heart Rate.”

User Opinion: Clearly, it’s the developer’s fault.

In conclusion… You decide who demonstrates incompetence.