[HR] tag measures constantly in Wear OS 4 [BUG]


That being said, there should be an inclusion for a Smart Detection Heart Rate, where it can measure your Heart Rate while you are sitting still, or while you are active for those that are more battery conscious, on a firmware level.

All smart watches even the Pear version check your heart beat in the background when inactive but I don’t think it is as frequent. I did get more battery life with my GW5 Pro but it didn’t require location for health services and that really eats the battery.


i think you need to test on watches without wear os 4 ui 5…meaning before the countinous reading implementation to made a conclusive conclusion.

This has been a setting possible for 2 years and no one seems to mention that it has affected battery life. The only complaint was that it wasn’t same as Samsung Health setting. Anyway the update was done so I’ve crossed the Rubicon.

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Oh, I know.
I own several watches where the Continuous Heart Rate option is a default. I have two smartwatch/fitness trackers that do it automatically with great accuracy. So I personally welcome the change in Wear OS 4.

In fact, it is extremely useful. There was a particular week of August where my watch kept measuring my Heart Rate over 100 BPM consistantly, while resting. I could deduuce that I was sufferong from a viral infection. And the next day, turns out my deduction was correct, as I suffered a fever.

On GW4 with wear os4, after the one UI 5 update I’m having this continuous hr problem as well. My battery used to last me about 2 days, now it lasts about 20hrs, less with more interaction.

Please fix this, this is a huge problem.

I’m trying to follow along and read all the comments but this post is pretty big now.

No one has been able to convince me it is the heart rate, it was measured continuous previously in the background. Not saying it isn’t but that but I tested it on a watch face I made and continuous readout and no readout at all both had the same memory usage. Having said that I used 1.5.7 for my watch design and not 1.3.3 and that may be a difference.

I believe it is something else.

If you have that find my watch app turned on turn it off.
In locations there is a Google Location Services Turn it off
Wear 4 “learns your memory use” it will use more memory the first couple weeks and then slow down to a decent amount

Do a test and let me know if you see any difference between the same watch design, using the HR tag for a display or not having the tag.

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Alright some possibly good news.
Looks like you maybe right about it not being constant HR measuring.

I last charged my watch about 9 hours ago and I’m only at 83% battery now which is a huge improvement from yesterday.

what I did:

  1. Turned off the google location service (as you said)
  2. settings/health/share data with devices and services/health platform/allow all
  3. Turned off wifi

UPDATE: battery is now lasting 3 days with wifi back to auto on.

Initial BUG report was about PassiveData Callback.

From the word Passive and Callback, and Google Documentation its understandable that Heart Rate Should not be measured actively.

Right now when PassiveData Callback is registered, Health App will start measuring all the time and sends callback every second.

Before, this depended on Samsung Health settings. Now, it doesn’t matter and Samsung Health setting is irrelevant.

After long discussion there it is common opinion that continuous HR measurement is not taking much battery life. That’s Ok. But it doesn’t solve the problem with Passive Data which should certainly not act as an Exercise data.

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The recent updates for my watch face app are often declined for the same reason, which is stated as “heart rate shortcut not matching the depiction on the store listing”. However, upon resubmission, the same watch face sometimes gets approved and goes live.
I suspect this might occur when they’re testing a specific version or a particular watch model. I’m currently using the latest software and a Watch 4 with One UI 5, and it functions perfectly for me. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I didn’t expect to see Lihtnes here! I am a big fan. :grin:

And also, this is a recurring issue. I recall AmoledWatchfaces making a mention about it.

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If you go to Settings - Battery and Device Care -Tap on the battery to get the battery life, tap on that and you will see what is using your battery.
For me it was Google Play Services and I think that uses WiFi it runs in the background. and it was using 10% of everything for several days last week. Now it is down to 1%.

Google Play Service was not on Wear OS 2 and 3

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yeah I was monitoring the battery usage before and google play services was always on top. It does use WIFI to find your location but must be constantly doing so.
Do you know if those google devs are aware?

I don’t know but I reported it to the Watch Face Studio team that can report it to the Wear developer team.


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In my Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, if i use [HR] tag, it constantly measures the heart beat. Is there any way to turn it off?

Hi, welcome to this forum.
Unfortunately no to your question

How difficult is it for Samsung to add a Heart Rate complication for their users, displaying BPM?

I know, I know… it already exists. But when you put it on the watch face, it only shows “Heart Rate” or the red heart icon.

Watch faces are one of the most important features for a user.

Why not add an option for users to choose their own complication? Just like they can choose weather, steps, and so on.

A Heart Rate complication (user-selectable) that displays BPM would completely change the whole thing.

Whatever Samsung does, it seems like they do it in their favor… for example:

  1. If you add a preset BPM, there are the following issues (it measures constantly, or displays 0)… Even though in the application to which the user is redirected, there are options to set it, refresh manually, refresh every 10 minutes, continuous measurement… Guess what? They don’t sync with the watch face.

User Opinion: Clearly, it’s the developer’s fault.

  1. If you add Short Text / Long Text / Icon widgets especially for users to choose what they want… When the user selects “Heart Rate” from their suite of complications, it displays “Heart Rate.”

User Opinion: Clearly, it’s the developer’s fault.

In conclusion… You decide who demonstrates incompetence.

This is unfortunate. There were multiple discussions about it. Reason for current HR implementation is some health data privacy protection (API restriction).


The font used is to large for me to tell if it has a readout small box type has a number but point taken.

The setting in the Samsung Health is measurement while still I think that is for comparison reports in the mobile health app.

What users don’t understand is that the heart rate constant read out has almost zero affect on battery use. You can verify this in the battery usage report.
Also It is what Play Store guide requires.

My Opinion
Sellers need to highlight this as a feature in their watch faces that may end all of the issues.
Sell your watch face as a Health Watch Face and watch your profits and ratings soar. Seize on this as an opportunity.

You do have a bug where it takes a relatively long time for the heart rate to change from zero after changing watch faces. I don’t notice this too much when the watch face turns active.

I can suggest that there be a changes to the Health complications to have a readout only option.

Samsung Developer Relations

I must admit that power consumption from constant measurement is really low.
However… User still sees measurement interval setting in the Samsung Health and he thinks that changing this setting will have some effect on constant measurement. I believe there is also disclaimer in the app that constant measurement will use more battery.

Sum up = user think it’s watch face fault 99% of the time.

Now, everyone knows what to improve, we, devs and Samsung. Problem is that we devs are waiting enormous amount of time for simple fixes. This time costs us app ratings. And we literally can’t do anything about it.


I believe there is also disclaimer in the app that constant measurement will use more battery.

There was for Tizen based Watch Faces I didn’t see this any longer
They also changed the wording for measure while inactive (meaning not during a workout) to measuring while still which means something else entirely.

When I was doing promotions for the US Galaxy Watch store if I created a category called Health Watch Faces it would create multitudes of downloads but put as Editors choice or some other generic title same collection would have very little downloads.

I’m not saying you or @RECREATIVE are not voicing correct thoughts and customer reactions but it is an opportunity.

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@amoledwatchfaces @RECREATIVE

Apparently I have to eat some crow now. Using the factory installed Health watches the display did go by the health setting for 10 minutes and continuous readout.

But it probably reads Samsung Health directly and not Health Services

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That’s another point to add, good you’re mentioning it. User expects that Heart Rate will behave same as on stock watch faces where Samsung Health setting results in correct behavior.

So again, he expects something, then he sees continuous readout and adds 1-star review.

Sorry but opportunity for what? We’re just expressing ourselves because we don’t know what to do while we are loosing app ratings (not ranking). Inconsistencies described above should be fixed. You can’t image how many bad reviews or questions I’ve got since Wear OS 4 release about continuous HR measurement or not correctly working Heart Rate Complication.

Right now I have one big email template set describing that it’s rather Samsung issue than mine and sending it automatically when someone asks for solution or adds 1-star review.
I don’t have any better solution.

I think a really quick solution would be to remove measurement interval setting from Samsung Health and leave it measure continuously too so at least users can see same behavior everywhere and won’t leave bad review for watch face.