HumanActivityMonitor GPS - Check Accuracy Level

Using the Human Activity Monitor ‘GPS’; how do I get the GPS accuracy?

    tizen.humanactivitymonitor.start('GPS', data => {
      for (const gpsData of data.gpsInfo) {
          var speed = gpsData.speed;
          // how do I get this?!
          var accuracy = gpsData.accuracy;
          // LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH
    }, error => {
      console.log('GpsService :: collectGpsData :: error: ' + JSON.stringify(error));
    }, {callbackInterval: 1000, sampleInterval: 1000});

Tried reading this, but nothing there looks promising:

To draw a comparison with Android see Location#getAccuracy

Cheers :slight_smile:

I think Human Activity Monitor API does not provide GPS accuracy information. According to the API documentation the API provides the following information,

[NoInterfaceObject] interface HumanActivityGPSInfo {
** readonly attribute double latitude;**
** readonly attribute double longitude;**
** readonly attribute double altitude;**
** readonly attribute double speed;**
** readonly attribute long errorRange;**
** readonly attribute long timestamp;**
** };**


Thanks for that, seems that what ‘navigator.geolocation’, ‘Position (android)’, ‘CLLocation (swift)’ decided to call accuracy, Tizen decided to call: ‘errorRange’. Oh well, thanks anyways.