Odd accuracy values returned by locationManager

We are using the locationManager in a native watchface and we are also implementing a web app map, on watch 3 4GLTE with Tizen
The values of accuracy seem often odd. Examples:

  • 100 or 500 in the native app
  • 0 in the WebApp.

Are these values documented and linked to the method used by the watch to retrive the location?
Thanks, Stéphane

In case WEB API you have to set correct values for options object before passing it to geolocation api PositionOptions - Web APIs | MDN

This seems fair, because in the Wi-Fi and network cell-site based triangulation, the accuracy is very bad. They are probably using cached locations which date back to 30 minutes ago. Unless you have not changed your cell-site or moved to another building so that new Aps can be discovered, I’m afraid you will get only cached locations. If you want fresh locations use the GPS provider.