I am not able to install tizen app on tizen 7.0

I Am trying to install app on tizen 7.0 but it is not installing it is saying unable to install please try again later. and it is installing and running in tizen 4.0
Please anyone help me in this

If this is a watch app Tizen 4 is the latest version supported on most older watches (Tizen 5 is on Galaxy Watch3 and Active3).

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I am not able to get the solution please if anyone know the issue reply

Tizen is backwards compatible OS but it is not forward compatible so it you have a watch running Tizen 4.0 you cannot install an app at level Tizen 7.0 in that watch. You have to use the Tizen 4.0 API.

If you are talking about a Smart TV app See this list

I really need to understand what platform you are developing for.

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Actually i am trying to install tizen app on new samsung screen of tizen 7.0 the model name is QM85C
but i am getting like “unable to start app please try again later”
It is working fine in tizen 4.0
What is the issue then what changes to br needed for running app on tizen 7.0 as it is important.
please replay

If it was watches I could help but for Smart TV this beyond my expertise please open a Smart TV Seller Support Request . They can help you better there.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks I will look into it

I am not sure what is the problem for installation of tizen app on tizen 7.0 when it is working correctly on tizen 4.0
if anyone know please answer

can you explain this :You have to use the Tizen 4.0 API.
i don’t get solution for installation of tizen app on tizen os 7