I have an idea

Hi, I don’t really know how to use the forum or even if my idea has to be posted here or somewhere else.
I’m fascinated with lucid dreaming, if you don’t know about the topic check it out! Most of the techniques used to lucid dream are every night trying to wake yourself up when you enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state. That can be sometimes difficult, so I thought ‘what if there was an app that you could download or even a native app for my galaxy watch, since it already records my REM state, to wake me up exactly when im entering the state’-

I know the idea won’t make much change and it would be an attraction to a small group, but I’d absolutely enjoy it, and who knows… Maybe upon this upgrade, more dreamers can become lucid dreamers

You might want to contact the developer of G’Night Sleep Smart with your idea. That app wakes the user up after REM sleep so they know the technology.

Be sure to include a disclaimer in your message to him as developers are very wary of being sued for copying an idea submitted to them.

Having said that this is not the right forum for ideas. Samsung does not accept unsolicited ideas for end user products, to avoid any possible disputes in the future.

Samsung also encourages the safeguarding of any original ideas and not to post them in a public forum. See more about Samsung’s unsolicited ideas policy at THIS SITE.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Community