I want to get the sensor price of Samsung Watch3,4 from Unity

We would like to produce Mobile content that responds according to the value received the sensor value of Samsung Watch from Unity .

Therefore, Unity should be able to read the sensor values of Samsung Watch, but I am not sure how to make it because I am a beginner in programming.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me any data or solutions that can help me.

What you want is a companion app. See this overview for a native companion app and a Web companion app.

You will need Tizen Studio to build the companion app on the Galaxy Watch3 and older and Android Studio for Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I heard that the Galaxy Watch 4 does not use Tizen, so is there any reference for developing an application for Watch 4?

Perhaps because the product hasn’t been long since it came out, there doesn’t seem to be much data.

Yes Android WearOS development is well documented.

Samsung Developer Relations