Market data?

So, my projects so far on Samsung Wearables have been developed to support Gear S3 and up.

I’m currently planning on modernizing the codebase (better code design / architecture) for stability as well as to get better performance (and also to catch up with current tech). And with the upcoming wearable OS, this got me thinking.

Is there any source you know of where sales/data of devices are shared? I’m always looking forward but I also want to be pragmatic. What I’m interested in is what the adoption rate have been for newer devices, what are the most currently in use devices etc.

I would love to start working with the latest software/hardware versions, but I wonder if it’s wise to exclude Gear S3 at this point if it’s still very much used?

No ne that I know of, but you can always look at your stats for popular faces and see the number of downloads per device.

I can’t give you specifics and while I could give you generalizations those vary greatly by country.

Don’t design for the watch type but the OS Version I would recommend you design for Tizen 4 since almost all Gear S3 and Sport have been upgraded to Tizen 4.

Because of Hardware capabilities Tizen 5.5 only works on Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3 but those models will accept all Tizen 4 apps.

Gear S2 sales are down to less than 2% the last I knew.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron! Yeah… I think I was a bit unclear, but your answer was what I was looking for. What OS version to develop for. Thanks!