IAP error with uploaded via Unity UDP

I uploaded a game binary to galaxy store via Unity UDP console. It’s not published yet but it’s “ready for sale”. I can see the game properly configured in galaxy store seller portal (binary, iaps, etc).

But when I run the game I am receiving: “samsung in-app purchase: product does not exist int the store”.

Because I uploaded via Unity UDP I can’t set the IAP operating mode (I don’t have control of that). I am logged in my samsung developer account on my test device.

What can I do to test my iaps?

Here is what I found out…
Ready for Sale ’ status is based on their future release date setting after approval by our store review team.

The errors that you are getting is due to the app not released to the production server yet, while testing it by side loading.

IAP testing is supported through Beta testing from Seller Portal, but Beta testing feature with UDP app is currently not supported but is on the to do list.

Samsung Developer Program

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Great, it is good to know that, thanks!