Can not setup Inapp Purchase

As per IA intergration guide, I added permission to my app and register apk to Seller Store.
But when i click to setup In app purchase item, it still visible “This binary does not support IAP”
Please help me check this error.

My AndroidManifest permission added:

   <uses-permission android:name="" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

And this is screenshot:

Thanks !

Are you using Samsung IAP or Unity? I don’t think the Unity IAP for Samsung is supported any more.

Check the Samsung IAP information and if it is developed correctly as I assume it is, let me know. I’ll contact you for more information.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,
I used Samsung IAP for Android application.
But as i refer similar topic. Maybe cause from 1st binary which i registered before not include IAP yet.
Whether i have to delete it for resolving ?
I want the confirmation about that.
Thank you !

You should not need to delete it. If anything you should suspend it; that allows people that purchased it to redownload it but it is not visible in the store any longer.

Is point 3 below the issue

  1. package ID is not same thing as file name. Package ID must remain same across all updates.
  2. version number is just below that - CHANGE it for each new version, and make sure the newer one has a higher number.
  3. The apk file cannot be the same if it is rename it directly through your file explorer, because file name MUST be different for each uploaded binary.

By the way I think you should not have a Paid App with IAP it has to be free if the original that may the issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,
It seems you don’t understand my mean.
My 1st binary already published on galaxy store but it is free version and wan’t intergrate IAP Sdk.
Then i’m intergrating IAP from 2nd version and currently issue happen as my topic question.
Maybe my issue similar to topic : Error "This binary does not support IAP" - #2 by r.liechty_SDP
So i just want to ask your to confirm that before i delete 1st binary.
Thanks !

Thanks for the reminder and you were correct I didn’t quite understand what you meant.

I checked with my source for that response and yes you do need to delete the binary from the store.

I take it you are talking about an Android app not a Watch Face App. (You can’t upload new Watch Face Apps now.)

Samsung Developer Relations