IAP error with real payment 9200

Hi. I’m integrating IAP to an application and having problem with real payment on closed beta. I have made a successful purchase only once and then after adding new in app items payment is not working.
Could you please help me to find out what is wrong? As far as I understand something is wrong with in app items configuration since code hasn’t been changed.
9200 : Service Error(Invalid MCC, MNC, or CSC)
Maybe you could provide more deatails on this error? There is not many info on it over the internet.

getProductInfo returns data:
“mItemId”: “TEST”,
“mItemName”: “TEST 0.022”,
“mItemPrice”: 6.43,
“mItemPriceString”: “6.43грн”,
“mCurrencyUnit”: “грн”,
“mCurrencyCode”: “UAH”,
“mItemDesc”: “DESK”,
“mItemImageUrl”: “”,
“mItemDownloadUrl”: “”,
“mReserved1”: “”,
“mReserved2”: “”,
“mType”: “item”,
“mConsumableYN”: “Y”,
“mFreeTrialPeriod”: “”,
“mSubscriptionDurationUnit”: “”,
“mSubscriptionDurationMultiplier”: “”,
“mTieredSubscriptionYN”: “N”,
“mTieredPrice”: “”,
“mTieredPriceString”: “”,
“mTieredSubscriptionCount”: “”,
“mTieredSubscriptionDurationMultiplier”: “”,
“mTieredSubscriptionDurationUnit”: “”,
“mShowStartDate”: 0,
“mShowEndDate”: 0

Here is the responce after “startPayment” method called. Inside PaymentActivity.finishPurchase()

Bundle[{THIRD_PARTY_NAME=com.playtika.slotomania.samsung.galaxy, ITEM_ID=TEST, TRANSACTION_ID=1, RESULT_OBJECT={
“mItemId”: “”,
“mItemName”: “”,
“mItemDesc”: “”,
“mItemPrice”: 0,
“mItemPriceString”: “”,
“mType”: “”,
“mConsumableYN”: “”,
“mCurrencyUnit”: “”,
“mCurrencyCode”: “”,
“mItemImageUrl”: “”,
“mItemDownloadUrl”: “”,
“mReserved1”: “”,
“mReserved2”: “”,
“mOrderId”: “”,
“mPaymentId”: “”,
“mPurchaseDate”: 0,
“mPurchaseId”: “”,
“mPassThroughParam”: “”,
“mVerifyUrl”: “”,
“mUdpSignature”: “”
}, ERROR_STRING=Сталася невідома помилка., STATUS_CODE=-1002, ERROR_DETAILS=IS9200/6050/PQlGUtFsdt
[Mode: Test]}]

Are you using an American VPN to test your IAP. I think that is required if you aren’t in the USA for Galaxy Store Beta, but I may be wrong.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi. The problem wasn’t related to vpn. Something went wrong with application configuration in sellers portal. I’ve created new app and it started to work as expected. I still don’t have any idea what was that.

Thanks for letting us know.

I really do appreciate it when someone does this.

Samsung Developer Relations