I'm new

I’m still trying to figure all theme things out, but I managed to create and upload my first Theme apk. HOWEVER, I can’t seem to find it in the store. Even though it is for sale for a week now. Seller portal explained that I had created a R apk theme. I need to create a Q apk. How do I do so?

On the app store you will only see themes compatible with your phone (device), and you aren’t on Android 11 yet so won’t see the theme. 99.9% of customers aren’t on A11 yet so no one will see it :frowning:

In the tool you will see at the top left you have created a 2021 or “R” or Android 11 version. Save it as a 2020 version which is “Q” or Android 10. You will need to go through the entire 2020 theme version though and check everything because the conversion isn’t 100%. For example, the dialer background images are completely different in the two versions. Good luck :slight_smile:

Then update your theme in the Seller portal and add the “Q” binary APK.

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Thank you! I appreciate the help. :relaxed:
Would someone using an android 8 (oreo) be able to use a Q theme???

If they are on Oreo, I think they will only see Oreo compatible themes in the theme app. Although, I am able to install an R theme on my Q device from GTS using the install tool, so I’m not 100% sure. With the November security update changing image formats from QMG to PNG in the APK files, I don’t know if older phones get this update; if they do they won’t be able to use newer themes. Sorry, can’t be of much help here, only way is to have customer test it.