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Just created a new theme and am trying to test on my phone. I opened the developer option and enable debug etc but when I go to apply to device and select the apk, it says checking for dbm and looks like its loaded and then it disappears but nothing else pops up on my phone or my computer. Am I missing a step?

Your theme version and phone are the same, yes? An Android 10 theme (2020) will only load to a phone with A10, same with Android 11?

Lol silly question but how do I check that they are the same? This is the first theme I’ve made since it went to the browser studio.

Not silly :slight_smile:

On your phone check Android version: Phone Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Android Version

10 = Use 2020 theme in GTS tool to test
11 = Use 2021 theme in GTS tool

Thanks so much, it was 10 and I was using the 2021 version. Is there somewhere specific I have to go to pull it up? I thought before it would show up in the theme store.

Not sure what your question means sorry… If you’ve loaded the 2021 version to the store and it’s approved, you won’t see it on your phone app because your phone is on Android 10. You could use the Remote Test Lab and use a phone with A11 to see your theme.

Sorry I mean even when I changed the versions to be the same, it still says checking dbm and then goes away like it was successful but then nothing else happens. Are we still able to test the theme on our device without uploading it to the store and downloading it.

When I made themes before on the old software it would show up under my stuff on the theme store but would say a developer version etc. I don’t see that anymore, idk if im just now applying it correctly.

To load your theme and test it on your Android 10 phone, you need to save it as a 2020 version, go through it and check everything because you will need to make updates. Then Export the Preview APK and use the Apply To Device tool to load it to your phone; then it will be in My Stuff as a DEV theme. Also, your package name must be different than other non-dev themes in your My Stuff library.

Okay! Thank you so much for the help, I’ve been trying to Google answers but nothing ever shows up thats helpful :joy: finally got it to work on my phone, you’ve been amazing, thanks for the patience!

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