Questions about theme versions Android

Hi guys.

I have a question about the themes created GThemes Studio…

The themes are 2019 Android 9 and 2020 Android 10 respectively,
and Android 7 and 8? How do you make the themes compatible with
these versions? If there are any possibilities to do that.

When I used Android 7, had compatible themes in the store, Android 8 too.
But why are the themes I create today not compatible with old Android?

I didn’t find answers to my question anywhere…

Sorry for my english :confused:
I hope you understand…


Only 2 Android versions are supported. When a new version gets added an older one loses support.


Correct, no way with current tool to go back to “O” 2018 format…

But your question does raise a good point… I would love to see stats on which versions of my themes get downloaded. At this time, I have no clue if my old “O” version themes are still being downloaded, and how many “P” themes are being downloaded as well.

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So i can’t add two versions?
Is recommend adding the older version, right?

Understand @Redacted

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Yes, you can load both “P” and “Q” binaries at the same time, just different version numbers

“M” & “O” OS is not more supported, if the the Theme Tool comes out for Android “R” then it will not more support Android “P”.

You can upload P and Q at the same time, also with same version numbers :wink: