Image Glow Dot Png Rotation For Seconds Feels Choppy


Can someone guide me what i am doing wrong, i am trying to give this glow dot rotation for seconds. i have tried it by adding analog hands seconds and also by adding tag.

The movment of rotation with tag [SEC] is not smooth .

The movement when using Rotation , i have tried
Normal movement,
then sweep 2 to 15hz and
the last and 3rd option of Tension.
Only sweep at sweep at 15hz movement seems just near to desired results

Can any body help out with this
Thanks in Advance

if you want a seamless movement of the second hand, please try to use the latest version 1.0.11.

Improved smoothness of sweep animation for second hand.

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did you also try [SEC_MSEC] ?

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I tried but not on latest wfs update which was released today on Nov 17 :slight_smile:

Going to download the new version and try

I have done it now in new watchface studio 1.0.11 latest release and yes the seconds rotation has become smooth. :slight_smile:

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