Sweep rotate greater than 1

Looking through the forum looks like there is a known bug around applying a sweep rotation to an image/hand greater than 1 second (e.g. I’d likee it to sweep rotate 3 times in a minute).

Does anyone know if this is still the case as I can’t seem to find a solution, or if anyone has a work around?


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No, the last beta version is half year old and the non-beta is two months older.
From what we could get as response, it seems they did not care much to improve on this.
You can apply the sweep motion only to watch hand for seconds, or use the mentioned tag which in documentation still claims to provide milliseconds, while it only updates about 5 to 10 times a second.

Edit: Sorry, I had the age of regular version wrong.

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Thanks @Peter like you im really looking to sweep both directions and faster than 1 a minute.

@r.liechty_SDR any chance we could get the bug expedited or added to the next round of releases?

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You can’t have a second hand sweep motion the sweep motion does not allow but you can rotate that more than once a minute using the tag that Peter listed.
Did you see this Topic?

Samsung Developer Relations

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Ron, the issue is, that only the sweep option on second hand gives smooth motion, with tags visibly “ticks”


Yeah i suppose the issue is three fold @r.liechty_SDR

  1. Cannot sweep rotate counter clockwise
  2. Cannot sweep rotate more than once a minute
  3. If using even the fastest calculation in the angle tag, the rotation is not smooth like a sweep

I think WFS syncs sweep action to the refresh rate of the display.

Samsung Developer Relation

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Only for the default seconds hand . Even Samsung Engineers agree that the tags can not give you a smooth sweep . Things like Radar Sweeps look like the maker is an Idiot . @jsmith88 . Sorry you have come to discover some of the limitations very early . Samsung Flag it up as a Power saving .

@jsmith88 thats because the sweep with tags the smoothness is up to 10hz

The topic @russellcresser linked explain everything and how to get exact 10hz sweep with tags

To match the default sweep second hand 10hz settings.

Its is just at a lower hz (10 hz)
We did experiments to prove it

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To add to make it go around 3 times per minute for example do 1sec * 1.8
Instead of 1sec * 0.6


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Sorry @Knightwing im having trouble following the thread and exact instructions, how would i rotate an image at the same rate as a sweeping second hand e.g smooth with no ticking? There is a bug not allowing the rotation properties to allow more than 1 rotation a minute in either direction so what is the exact tag to rotate an image 3 times in a minute with the same smoothness as a second hand sweep using rotation properties?

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@jsmith88 to do anticlockwise is to use a 0- (formula) on the angle
and the tag for 1 rotation anticlockwise would be



if faster


maybe chopping on the preview but sent it to your watch to see better results

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Thanks @Knightwing I have given both a go and results are still not like the default rotation properties sweep, there is clear juddering in both tag6 and more clearly in tag18. I have added a video of each below.

I suppose ultimately we just want Watch Face Studio to actually allow sweep more than once a minute in both directions at the same rate without juddering. @r.liechty_SDR could you add to the backlog?

Default sweep properties:



Hello the default sweet is 15hz…set to 10hz u will see it the same! Tested and proven

Default sweep properties: (15hz or 10hz?)
How you did ccw or default sweep properties, its grey out if u use sweep

U seeing what u have is because u didnt change it the default sweep to 10hz sweep

The orignal video i suppest is 15hz…u not comparing apple to apple bro

Or the brackets are wrong put so the floor didnt work. I make that mistake to at first

So if juddering its not that there a bug its just that you cannot do anything higher then 10hz with tags.

And its because of samsung feels then higher then 10hz for tags…cause batt drain

Without floor (jumpy tag thats why flashing effect)

With my formula (same as 10hz default sweep that one you see a single hand)

Maybe u dont understand what is 10hz and 15hz mean?

10hz means 10 fps (or 10 different rotations per sec)
15hz means 15 fps
(or 15 different rotations per sec)

Basically more fps the smoother…

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Right okay understood so we can’t do anything with tags above 10hz.

We would still like WFS to give an option of a sweep at 15hz more than once a minute in both directions @r.liechty_SDR as this is not currently available.

I doubt he will agree because the purpose of the sweep is to emulate mechanical watches
where the seconds seem to sweep across the face. so in that light does not make sense to provide what you are requesting.

one way is to allow more fps with tags. but that also unlikely because of batt .

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The watch face team are aware of the request The Android Core Quality Guidelines
may have something about the frequency and battery use that would rule it out.

I see some things that make sound like it but not being a graphics designer I don’t know.

Apps should render frames every 16ms to achieve 60 frames per second.
The app properly supports the power management features

Samsung Developer Relations

Ron . Please tell us which part of WFS runs at 60 FPS.
I make 60 fps . 16.666666666666666666666 hz . Not a good choice running from the Unix Epoch Timer. Oh Dear .

That is the Android core quality guidelines not anything that Samsung requires

Samsung Developer Relations

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They suggest 60fps on guidelines, we ask only 15, which equals the display refresh rate and is 4 times lower number, but its the actual minimum to see the movement as smooth.