Infra Red Remote Data

Hi Samsung Team,

I am trying to develop a IR blaster for controlling Samsung’s TVs, DVD Players, Air Conditioner etc through an mobile app and an IR blaster device (which send IR signal as a remote).
To develop your remote, I need to have the IR Remote Database so that its easy for me to get the data of each key and build the same.

Is there any help that I can get from your side regarding the issue.

Anurag Paul

There is no one from Samsung that can help you with this. Try GitHub I think they have a lot of information on mobile device remotes. There may be something that can be of help.

If they are smart hub devices and connected to WiFi that is different.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, the device will be connected to Wi-Fi and it will send IR data using its own IR module. It just needs the IR codes of the TV/DVD/AC remotes so that it can replicate the functionality of a remote.

I’d check Github and see if there is anything there. I don’t really know where to look for Hardware issues. It is out there I know but I don’t know where.

Samsung Developer Relations

I think you are getting it wrong. I am not looking for any hardware issue to be fixed. Each button in every remote of TV/Projector/DVD Player etc have a specific code that gets transmitted through Infra Red Led that is there in the remote.
I need to get that data so that I can replicate all the remotes as a single device.

Anruag Paul

Thanks a lot for helping me out.