Samsung TV Remote Voice control Library


Sorry if my post is offtopic.
I looking for libraries and/or examples for control Samsung TV through my Java App.
I can’t find that. I need to know how I can remotely run voice control mode and open an audio stream from my Java App to Samsung TV to send voice commands.

Can somebody help me with a solution?

Thank you!

HI Yarik,

Yes this is a bit off topic. Depending on what you are using for you voice controller, Windows, or Android then that is the site where you should ask the questions. I believe you app needs speech recognition and will change that to a signal to the TV.

If you are doing this with a Samsung Mobile I can move the thread to that forum. But otherwise I think it is off topic.

GitHub has several sample of Remote Control example codes.

Samsung Developer Relations.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for off topic. )

First I want to make an android app and second I want to make a server app.
Both apps should control Samsung TV.
All code examples which I found may send KEY codes by WIFI.
I have my standard remote control for my TV and it has the button “VOICE”. After I press this button on Samsung TV start dialog for voice recognition.
I want to make the same virtual remote control. But I don’t understand how I can call this dialog for voice recognition on TV and how I can transmit my audio data.

HI Yarik,

Think of this as two different programs. One is voice recognition program that understands what you are saying and converts that to the TV’s Key Code. The other is sending the keycodes to the TV. I see there is open source speech recognition examples but converting that to keycodes would be up to you. But it sounds like a cool idea !!

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