Samsung Q60 Series (55)

I want to use Samsung TV remote control commands like Turn On, Turn Off, Vol Up etc through my Linux Machine for my TV with model name Samsung Q60 Series (55).

I believe it needs some kind of authentication token to send the remote control commands to the Samsung Smart TV.

Can someone please guide me with the Authetication API example and how I can achieve the above mentioned ?


I believe there are examples for this on Github.

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I tried with the web resources including github but nothing has worked for me so far…

If you know, could you share the github link with me, it would be of great help…

Also I need help understanding the way to extract the personal access token, is there an API way to retrieve it ??

If there was a way to extract them it wouldn’t be very secure would it.

I think I misunderstood your original question. See this site, it is for Windows but you can figure it out for Linux.

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Many thanks for the link, but I guess I did not frame my question properly. My bad.

"I want to automate Samsung Smart TV Q60 (Series 55) through a home automation platform, i.e., want to use power on/off and all the options available on the remote by using the ASCII commands.

I have the commands to replicate the remote control options, and can transmit these commands(using APIs) through a web-socket connection with TV using a raspberry PI having Linux OS. But it seems ’ I need to have an access token in order to have an authentication with the TV while creating connection or to send commands.

Now, I don’t find any web help regarding how to obtain the access token through an API call and combine the access token with other remote control commands to automate the TV. "

Any help would be great.

Sorry for the long read.


I think we are both on the same boat now. Unfortunately I need to have Cristian’s advice and he is on vacation.

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It’s good to have someone along than being alone. :smiley:

But I am still stuck with these… Is there any help/update, anybody who can help us here?

Cristian will be back Monday. He has Pi and hopefully can assist you.

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Is there any help I can get in this regard?

Please suggest.