Install WGT file to Samsung TV UN32N5300AFXZC

I have .wgt file and I want to install it on Samsung TV externally, I mean without running from any IDE, I was trying following way but nothing happens when I attach USB drive to my TV with the same userwidget directory name.

Not sure what to try else, as I want to install app on Samsung TV without using any IDE. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The only information I can find is installing an app with a USB for the early Samsung Smart TVs (Prior to 2015) that were Android TVs.

I don’t think you can add a .wgt on Tizen based Smart TVs though a USB port you can only do it by WiFi using Developer Tools or downloading it over the air.

You can do some Smart Things on a TV but I think you use the refrigerator as the Hub for those.

This comes up every so often and I’ve never found a way to do it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for reply but can you explain briefly WiFi using Developer Tools. this thing and you use the refrigerator as the Hub for those what is that?

If you have an app on a USB stick it is almost certainly an Android app and will never work on Samsung Smart TV. But…

Family Hub Smart is for things like refrigerators, washing machines, alarm systems and TVs. The main control for this is the Refrigerator. I think you can only use Wifi to add apps to that too but I’m not sure.

Tizen Studio has a device manager that lets you test apps on a TV. You need to register with Samsung as a developer and you can only load the app on specified TVs.

There are all sorts of safeguards to keep people from installing black market apps on TVs. It isn’t as simple as plug and play like when Smart TVs first came out.

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Oh okay I got it Thanks again for reply. I know about device manager currently I’m using that only, it works fine for me but my aim is to share .wgt app with my team so they can also test it before launch is there any way/ suggestion for that?

OK That makes sense now.

If everyone is on the same network you can add their IP address to your distributor certificate but I assume that is not the case.

In the TV Seller Store is information on how to Distribute for Alpha Testing See this Page and scroll down to Alpha Testing it allows you to distribute on 50 TVs by DUID.

Samsung Developer Relations

Okay thanks, well we are not under same network so the only way is Distribution for Alpha testing, if I’m understanding correctly.